Volunteer - preparing food


Volunteers are truly at the heart of Glass Door. We could not operate without the dedication and commitment of the hundreds of volunteers who play a vital role in the charity.

It can be a heart-warming and rewarding experience, sharing your time and effort with an interesting and varied group of people, both guests and fellow volunteers.

Each volunteer's story begins when they ask one simple question: How can I help? 

Volunteer during the day: 

The greatest need we have is for volunteers who can assist in the day at our drop-in centres and in the office. In the drop-ins, volunteers play a variety of vital roles: they run the cafe in the narthex, prepare and serve lunch, assist with the laundry and organise the clothing bank. Volunteers who have time in the mornings can also assist with breakfast. From time to time, we recruit volunteers for specific roles. 

See descriptions of the latest volunteer positions here

Share a skill:

Another way of getting involved might be to share a passion or skill. Could you serve as a translator, provide haircuts, teach an English class? In the past, individuals have done these things as well as provided photography, editorial & design services free of charge. We are open to working with you if you have an idea. Let us hear your ideas

Volunteer at a Night Shelter:

Each venue has its own team of volunteers who prepare food, set up the eating area, assist on the door, serve food, chat with guests, wash dishes and tidy up before the guests get ready for bed.  It is at the church venue's discretion when and how they recruit new volunteers. We find that there are many more individuals who would like to volunteer than the churches can accommodate. At the moment, we are not recruiting new volunteers for the night shelters.

if your local church is one of our partner churches, you might want to contact them directly to find out about volunteering opportunities.

Or consider volunteering at one of the night shelters run by our friends at Caritas Westminster