Last year, Alex* lost his wife, his business and his home in quick succession. He spent Christmas on the streets, alone. Two days later, he found a room at Glass Door. Alex, a former captain in the army, remembers the difference it made:

Army captain Alex

"I could take a shower. Go downstairs to eat a meal. But even more importantly, I could talk to someone. Staff were so helpful. I felt like someone again.

Everyone should feel part of a community, especially at Christmas.  We all deserve somewhere safe to sleep. 

"If you can help someone else find the same kind of care I was given, that would make the world of difference. Glass Door saved me.

This Christmas, I encourage you to share a gift of shelter and hope with someone else who needs it most.

(*Alex is a pseudonym and would like to remain anonymous. His story is featured in our animated film This is Alex.)

Your gift can make all the difference

At Glass Door, we are expecting hundreds of people like Alex will turn to Glass Door with nowhere else to go, looking for a way off the streets this Christmas. We are ready to provide a safe, warm welcome. Will you help give someone a seat at the table and a roof over their head this Christmas and beyond? 

Your gift could help ensure someone finds safety, community, and a chance to leave homelessness behind. Everyone we support can work with trained casework advisors for personalised help to find routes out of homelessness

Please give generously, because no one should have to sleep on the streets of London, especially at Christmas. 

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NB - the amounts listed above are representative of Glass Door's costs during winter 2020-21. Please know that we will put donations to use wherever they are needed most. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how to make a more substantial contribution to one of our services.