Specialist Auctioneers 25 Blythe Road will be hosting an exhibition entitled ‘Moved’ featuring the work of gifted artists from James Deighton & Co to raise funds and awareness for Glass Door.

James Deighton & Co is a small carriage company specialising in the movement and storage of antiques and works of art for auction houses including 25 Blythe Road, antique dealers, restorers and galleries. In a surprisingly high ratio of gifted artists to art movers; a painter, two photographers and sculptor, all part of the Deighton team, will be exhibiting their own art works on the 19 – 25 February 2018 at 25 Blythe Road, London W14. The exhibition is entitled ‘Moved’, (playing on their daily job as well as describing the universal purpose of their art), and will show the variety of their art works, from small-scale sculptures to substantial oil paintings.

The artists include Paul James, a photographer whose sublime images of trees are a meditation on our experience of the natural world and its transience, influenced by abstract painting, folklore, and Japanese illustration. Neil Atkinson, also a photographer, has made a fascinating subjective inquiry into personal space on the London Underground. His photographs taken on the tube explore the interaction between strangers during the unavoidable experience of‘intimate distance’ during rush hour. Henry Hoffman, a painter, uses gestural mark-making and a playful approach to the application of oil paint to convey dialogues between people in a vibrant expressionist style. Sam Meredith is a sculptor of colourful tactile sculptural objects made out of cast resins, some displayed as wall installations, others as smaller pieces to stand on shelves or plinths.

‘Moved’ – an exhibition.
Four artists from James Deighton & Co transport company show off their talents.
In support of Glass Door Homeless Charity

At: 25 Blythe Road Gallery
London W14 0PD

19th – 25th February 2018