Laura Davies On 4 October I will be sleeping outside to help individuals in our community find shelter and support to get off the streets. Homelessness is something that is close to my heart. My father became homeless in 1992 after a series of very unfortunate events that changed our lives forever. From lawyer living in St. John’s Wood to man with no fixed abode reliant on friends for shelter in the blink of an eye. It can happen to anyone and single men with no dependants are particularly vulnerable in our welfare system.
When my father passed away last year, I looked back over his life and pinpointed this time as a turning point - he lost his dignity and his mental health and he never really recovered. Whilst he never slept rough, the support of charities like Glass Door were invaluable in their support and advice. Glass Door's ambition is that nobody should have to sleep on the streets of London. They are a small charity which makes a huge impact in a vitally important area. The numbers of homeless are rising hugely in London and with scientists predicting coldest winter in a decade every penny counts. This coming winter, the charity plans to extend their services so that every night up to 175 men and women can find safe shelter, a hot meal, a warm welcome and a sense of connection.

If you cannot contribute financially, please consider giving some of your time - I volunteer whenever I can and find it a truly rewarding experience and get to meet the most remarkable people. Together, we can help to provide shelter and support for those who have nowhere else to turn. Please share with family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and so help me reach my target. Together we can bring more people in off the streets and provide some hope. Laura Davies