London Live interviews Glass Door as temperatures drop

13 December: London Live interviews Glass Door about Winter night shelters as temperatures drop below zero.Read more

Charities tackling homelessness: The Independent

13 December: With homelessness on the rise, charities like Street Smart and Glass Door play an important role in ameliorating this situation.Read more

South West Londoner visits shelter and covers rise in homelessness

11 December 2018: local media highlights homelessness and the locals making a difference.Read more

London Post reports increase in demand for shelter

4 December 2018: London Post highlights Glass Door's Christmas Appeal in response to growth in demand.Read more

Twickenham Guide publishes articles on Glass Door

22 November 2018: Volunteer's account of the "practical, sensible and hope giving” experience inside a shelter.Read more

London Live features Glass Door shelters opening

5 November 2018: TV segment features Glass Door's work with homeless in the community.Read more

Neil on BBC Radio with Robert Elms

30 October 2018: Robert Elms interviews 'unsung londoner' Senior Caseworker Neil Parkinson.Read more

Sleep Out covered on London Live TV

5 October 2018: London Live interviewed Glass Door COO Lucy and Fr Grant on the eve of Sleep Out 2018.Read more

BBC Radio Interview with Jo Good

28 September 2018: COO Lucy and former guest-turned-employee Eddie speak on rough sleeping and the annual Sleep Out.Read more

Marie Claire shares videos

20 July 18: Marie Claire covers the "Homeless Stories" initiative and features videos of guests and staff of Glass Door.Read more

Friends raise funds watching paint dry

20 May 2018: South Wales Argus reports on friends watching paint dry instead of the royal wedding. Glass Door receives funds raised.Read more

Neil on BBC Radio London

19 March 2018: Senior caseworker Neil Parkinson discusses massive rise in rough sleeping, working homeless, rental market and more.Read more

Wired Magazine reviews "ProxyAddress" project

14 March 2018: Wired Magazine reviews a plan to reassign unused addresses so they can be used by homeless individuals to register for services. Glass Door weighs in.Read more

Glass Door and Chelsea Methodist Church Drop-in on BBC News

26 Feb 18: BBC News interview guests and volunteers on one of the coldest days of the year.Read more

BBC Radio 4: Dying on the Streets

13 Feb 2018: Godwin, who has sickle-cell anaemia and is a guest of Glass Door shelters, shared his story with BBC Radio 4 as part of the program about end of life care for individuals living on the street.Read more

London Diocese unites to tackle homelessness in the capital

25 Jan 2018: Church of England Newspaper covers the Diocese of London's winter appeal: Tackling Homelessness Together.Read more

London's largest emergency shelter prepares for winter

SW Londoner reports on Glass Door's work to support the growing number of individuals facing homelessness in London.Read more

Khalsa Primary pupils put together 'bags of warmth'

Dec 2017: Khalsa Primary pupils donated 100 "bags of warmth' to our homeless guests this Christmas.Read more

Voice of Westminster

12 Dec 2017: Lives of homeless people in London at risk as cold winter weather worsens. Glass Door is busy preparing for the coldest time of the year.Read more

Barnes pub feeds Glass Door guests

12 Dec 2017: Red Lion Pub in Barnes donates stew after cancelled football match.Read more

Coverage in The Times

8 December 2017: "I still work, but it doesn't pay enough". Alan (51) has a biology degree from the University of Glasgow and works full-time as a teaching assistant. He is also a guest of the Glass Door shelters.Read more

Coverage in The Independent

4 Dec 2017: Man discusses becoming homeless aged 56 after breaking his back.Read more