While Christmas this year is likely to look different for us all, some will be facing their first Christmas without their own home. Many others are at their wits end, after enduring too many cold and wet nights on the streets. We think everyone should be able to find "room at the inn" with a warm welcome and a festive meal at Christmas -- and throughout the year.

Sponsor a room

Our appeal aims to raise £123,876. Throughout December, this could provide about 90 guests with their own room and meals every day/night, and a hot meal for 120 people every evening at the Glass Door community dinner service.

Through these specially adapted and COVID-compliant services, guests can also access support from our dedicated caseworkers, health checks and other essentials such as toiletries, socks and gloves. 

While our new services are safer, they are also more costly. Your gift could help ensure someone finds that warm welcome and a chance to leave homelessness behind.

Make a gift today, bring someone inside, and help them avoid the double-threat of plummeting temperatures and rising infection rates. 

Your gift can make all the difference

Make room in your heart, and we'll make room at the inn. Please give generously, because no one should have to sleep on the streets of London, especially at Christmas. And especially not during a global pandemic.  

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NB - the amounts listed above are representative of Glass Door's costs during winter 2020-21. Please know that we will put donations to use wherever they are needed most. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how to make a more substantial contribution to one of our services.