Update: We have reached our £5,400 target and are very grateful to the supporters who have covered the cost of switching to more environmentally-friendly options in the shelters. If you would like to join this campaign, please know we will put it towards extending our environmental programme this year and any extra funds will be put towards securing the plan for next year, allowing the programme the stability of funding that it needs. Thank you.  

Glass Door is launching a campaign to reduce our environmental impact across the charity, and we need your help. At Glass Door, we're vigilant about how we spend the donations we receive, and we believe an environmentally-friendly approach can compliment our work to save and change lives. 

Very few of us feel comfortable drinking out of polystyrene cups or using plastic straws anymore. These things matter, and we are keen to do the right thing by people and the planet.

We are aiming to end our use of all single-use plastics in our night shelters (including polystyrene plates and cups and plastic utensils) by encouraging the use of reusable cutlery and crockery and switching to biodegradable alternatives when this is not possible.

Last year, we ran a successful trial using sustainable disposable crockery (compostable; made from renewable/ recycled materials) in one shelter circuit and we would now like to roll this out across all our night shelter circuits. The cost of upgrading all our single-use materials, including plastic cups and take-away containers, across an expanded shelter network in five circuits we have calculated to come to a total of about £5,400 over one year.

Read more about how we trialed and costed different alternatives and what Glass Door is doing to reduce our environmental impact in our blog: Climate change: should charities get involved?

Will you help to get rid of single use plastics in our shelters?   

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