Our shelters/hostels operate on the basis that we reserve as much space as possible for people who need help. Therefore we cannot permit dogs to take up the space, particularly since we operate a long waiting list.

However we recognise that the bond between an owner and their pet is important and we want to support people as best possible. Generally there are three options for guests with dogs.

  1. Use the Dog’s Trust website to search for dog-friendly hostels.
  2. Crisis at Christmas allows dogs in one of their night shelters so our caseworkers can help make a referral for them, however this service is only available for a two week period in December.
  3. We have an agreement with Mayhew, a local animal welfare charity, who will agree to keep our shelter guest's pets safe during their stay for a fixed period of time. There are a few important conditions like the owners agreeing for the pet to be neutered on arrival, no visiting access for the time duration their pet is at the centre, and no longer than a stay of three months or the pet will be re-homed. Their service comes with a high degree of care like free veterinary treatment, including vaccines, regular exercise and socialisation and a spacious room to name a few. 

We also have links to other organisations who help with animal care through our daytime partner drop-in services. StreetVet goes to the Ace of Clubs to check up on pets sleeping rough.

As far as moving into accommodation, our caseworkers will do their best to help people find homes where their pets are allowed but they’re unfortunately restricted by the council or landlord’s rules.