Ann Nickson I'm Team Rector of the Parish of Mortlake with East Sheen and we host Glass Door shelters in two of our churches during the week with volunteers cooking a hot meal and welcoming the guests. People come to Glass Door when they are at an absolute crisis point, with nowhere else to turn. The shelters are open all winter, every night welcoming homeless men and women with a safe place for them to sleep, away from the harsh streets of London.

However Glass Door are not just putting a bandage on the problem but are helping people to turn their lives around and find housing, work and most importantly renewed hope and confidence. I am running in the Vitality London 10K on 27 May 2019 to raise money to support Glass Door in the amazing work they do and also to raise awareness of the problem of homelessness in London. Please give whatever you can afford because no one should have to sleep on the streets . All donations of any amount are welcome.

Ann Nickson