Belinda & Freddie If the lockdown taught us anything it was a new appreciation for our home - a place in which we have felt safe and comfortable. Now imagine facing lockdown WITHOUT a home - nowhere to feel safe and secure. It is with this in mind that Freddie and I feel more strongly then ever about joining Glass Door Homeless Charity's Sleep Out this year. After taking part in 3 previous Sleepouts and experiencing very long,very cold,very hard nights out on the street - we are hoping with your generous support to raise much needed funds for this worthwhile charity.
This year - due to Covid restrictions - we will be SleepingRUFF in our garden - and be virtually linked with the others taking part.
Glass Door Homeless Charity welcomes everyone as their guest, giving them some stability before helping them make the necessary steps and move off the streets for good- providing them with the opportunity to find a path out of homelessness.

While running winter night shelter in a shared space may not be possible, Glass Door is committed to finding ways to ensure that individuals in need can find safe shelter, a hot meal and a warm welcome.

Thank you for your support in what has been an extremely challenging year for everyone - but more so for those who find themselves experiencing homelessness during these trying time’s. Belinda & Freddie