I was 'hidden homeless' for 10 years...

…and I know the damage that caused me - screwed my mental health/relationships/life - so God knows what living on the street does to a person.

I moved ‘home’ 30 times in that decade; 19 in two years. I ‘lived’ on a stranger’s sofa; stayed in friends of friends’ spare rooms (having to move between one address and another mid-week because one FoF’s girlfriend didn’t want me in the same building as her bloke); and, in the flat with syringes in the bathroom, had the joy of a man I’d never met walking into my bedroom as I was naked in bed.

This is not how we should live.

And I was lucky. People helped me. Some people get no help. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. A home is a basic need. And right.

Please help me raise awareness and funds.

Thank you.

xx Bibi Lynch