Edward Mccormick For many years, since 1984 when I first came to London, I was continuously homeless until 2010. I had been wandering about the country. Back when this charity was West London Churches Homeless Concern, this charity helped me find direction. People at the church and the volunteers would talk to me. For the first time in a long time, I felt grounded. I began to build back an identity.

In the shelters, you can be in a safe, warm environment, away from the influences of drink and drugs.

The staff helped me find accommodation. I got a flat. For the first time I had somewhere to stay. I was no longer sleeping in the park. I was no longer sleeping on sofas or sleeping in doorways.

In 2010, I had been to the hospital. I had hypothermia. I went to rehab for a couple of months. Through the people I was meeting at the charity, they gave me an alternative.

I got confidence, self-esteem. You can loose hope, but at Glass Door you can find hope. You can address situations and secure your self worth. And you can find help to have a change.

Now I work at Glass Door, helping others in the same way I was helped. We can all make a contribution, and together help to alleviate homelessness. We are all one trauma away from the same situation. Please help and give somebody else hope. Together we can give someone hope and help to alleviate homelessness in our community thank you.. Edward Mccormick