On 2 October 2020, I will be joining Glass Door Homeless Charity's Sleep Out in London to bring shelter and support to men and women affected by homelessness.

The majority of people reading this will have almost undoubtedly had at least one experience with someone affected by homelessness, whether that was offering them food or money or simply passing them on a busy street. This notion alone highlights the fact that homelessness in the UK is a pressing issue and one that must be addressed. Raising money to support a charity such as Glass Door can literally save the life of some of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in our society.

Before moving to London to study in 2019 I had lived in a very rural setting for the past 18 years of my life, I suppose in some ways this alone sheltered me slightly from the reality of the homelessness crisis in the major UK cities. To put it bluntly, moving to London shocked me. Experiences from the of passing countless people rough sleeping on just my short walk to university to calling an ambulance for a lady that the majority of the rest of the public on a busy street had casually ignored highlighted the issue of homelessness to me dramatically.

The charity Glass Door provides free emergency winter shelter to people experiencing homelessness by partnering with churches in London to protect a very vulnerable and marginalised group of people, giving them hope and ultimately showing them that society values them. Glass Door also provides hot meals and advice to people in desperate need of care and guidance. £24 could give someone shelter and a hot meal for the night, £75 could provide dinner for 60 guests in a church-based shelter, £110 could fund a women-only group session, complete with advice, food and access to showers and clothes whilst £220 could fund a “move-on” package with personalised support sessions and the deposit needed for someone to move into stable accommodation. These costs hopefully show that every donation, no matter how big or small will make a difference so please consider donating. If you are interested in joining the sleep out too here is a link to the charities sign up page https://www.glassdoor.org.uk/Event/sleep-out-2020

Genevieve Tibbett