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This evening (!), Friday 4 October 2019, I will be joining Glass Door Homeless Charity's Sleep Out in the Square to bring shelter and support to men and women affected by homelessness.

Every day on my way into and back from university I walk past the same homeless man, asking for anything passers-by can give. It saddens me that often I have nothing to give, and that whilst I am on my way back to a warm bed in the evening, he must endure another night on the streets.

I wish I could say the problem of homelessness is getting better - but the reality is homelessness in London has hit an all time high, at 8,855 men and women living rough - with the problem just getting worse.

Glass door homeless charity is doing everything it can to combat the problem, but sadly it cannot reach everyone in need. I am doing this sleepout to try to raise awareness for those out on the streets day and night, in the hope that more could be helped.

Any sort of donation would be a great help in aiding glass door with their endeavours to reaching out to more of the homeless.

Thank you for reading.

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