Harry Calcraft

On Friday 4th October, I will be sleeping out with my dad to raise money to help disadvantaged people come off the streets and be provided with shelter and warmth by Glass Door.

One of the UK’s main problems is rough sleeping. More than 4,700 people slept rough in the UK in 2018. That’s 4,700 too many people. It’s organisations like GlassDoor that are helping to tackle this and help make the world a better place because of it. It’s a long way to go, but this is a step in the right direction. These initiatives are the ones that are helping pave the way to a country where no one has to dread the cold, hard pavement every night.

I don’t mind how big a donation you make. It could be £1, it could be £10. All that matters is that you’re donating and supporting and getting good people off the streets and into warm shelters with food, a warm bed and a comforting feeling. I hope we can raise as much money as possible.

Thank you so much


Harry Calcraft