Heike Prentice

Caroline & Heike of St Peter's Church, Hammersmith, are joining Glass Door's Sleep Out this year. Few of us can imagine what it is like not to have a home or roof over our heads, and taking part in the Sleep Out won't solve the complex problems homeless people face. But supporting those who work to make a difference does matter.

The next time we see a homeless person we may do well to remember that this could be us if the odds were stacked against us, and whatever their choices, they are and always will be fellow human beings. So we are going to brave the cold and elements, just for one night.

Working in partnership with churches, Glass Door operates London's largest network of emergency night shelters for homeless men and women in winter. We aim to raise £2500 to give someone else the chance to stay in their shelters for as long as it's needed, giving that person a safe and dry place to rest and the support he or she needs to rewrite the next chapter of their life.

We can choose what to take, we will have security and access to toilets, so we are well aware that this is merely a token of solidarity, but we would appreciate it if you could sponsor us and send a message, that as a community we do care, that we want to see every person living in and with dignity and hope.

Thank you - your contribution means a lot to us and even more to someone in need of shelter.

Caroline & Heike

Heike Prentice