On 2 October 2020, I will be joining Glass Door Homeless Charity's Sleep Out to bring shelter and support to men and women affected by homelessness.

I'm raising money for Glass Door because I know they are doing good work to support and shelter those in our community who are at an absolute crisis point. Glass Door welcomes everyone as their guest, giving them some stability before helping them make the necessary steps and move off the streets for good.

COVID-19 has affected us all, and temporary housing has been found for many people who are homeless and vulnerable in recent weeks. With things returning to a more normal way of life, and the potential for many to return to the streets and many more to lose their homes and security in this economic climate, I want to see that homelessness doesn’t continue as part of that normal any more.

Please donate anything you can. Together, we can help to provide shelter and support to someone who has nowhere else to turn.

Please share with family and friends on Facebook and Twitter - and beyond - so I can reach my target, and together we can bring more people in off the streets.

Thank you!

Jacob Davies