Mari Gea "Beauty will save the world".
Let's compose something beautiful together.
For everyone should have a home and a future.

The true beauty - is kindness. It is the meaning behind that so famous quote.

When I saw this site the first time, I could not stop reading the stories of the guests. Every story is so unique, they deserve a movie made after. Moreover, every story is about a saved life, and hope for a better life. Also, it is a story about kindness and devotion from the people who make it all possible - Glass Door's Homeless Charity.

It touched me deeply, as I was born and raised in a country that doesn't exist anymore. Being a child, I observed the horrors of true social injustice all around me. People were forced on the streets from their homes, because of sudden and unjust changes of property laws. All due to a sudden change of the national flag. Many of these people never recovered this crisis. They lost their families and even their lives.

Now, we are facing the time of global economical crisis on a scale like possibly never before. You can ask yourself: how can I be part of the solution. Glass Door's Homeless Charity is giving to us an opportunity to partake in a great incentive. Your help will contribute to a dream and a hope for a society where nobody has to be homeless.

As a gift for your kindness I will commit to you the very best of my skills: music.

The first 22 to donate to this cause (through my page), will receive something special from me: your very own personal musical composition made for you, and devoted to you.

You will receive the gift by email as a file and a musical score (if applied to the style).
Your musical piece will be published (non-commercial release) on the Album "Sleep In Out" with your name after it.
You decide what kind of music it will be: classical chamber strings, emotional piano piece, messy experimental ambient, or completely something different.
You will obtain full commercial rights for your musical piece.

If you have any questions, or interested to hear the examples of music I can make, please contact me at: [email protected]
Or simply visit the page:

We will arrange a nice online conversation with a cup of whatever you prefer and compose something special.

From all that I am - I thank you for your kindness. It is you and who you are that will save the world in all its beauty.

Mari Gea