Kate Wells The average life expectancy of somebody on the street is 47 years old.

The hospice has had a homelessness working group for a couple of years now, and we have been working with specialist homeless services to find the best ways we can support this demographic, which traditionally does not access palliative care services, despite often facing a poor prognosis.

As part of this project, we are running a week of events for staff, aiming to raise awareness of the issues involved, both generally about homelessness, and more specifically about the role of palliative care.

This is culminating in a few of us joining this fantastic event, run by Glass Door, a homeless charity in London . Glass Door partner with churches to provide shelter and support to people experiencing homelessness. Their services are open to all and include providing emergency night shelter, caseworkers who offer advice, advocacy and practical support, and drop-in day centres. We want to raise £500 if possible to give those in need the chance to stay in their shelters for as long as needed, giving them a safe and dry place to rest and the support required to rewrite the next chapter of their life.

Thank you. It means a lot to us, and even more for someone else who has nowhere else to turn.

Kate Wells