Lucy Symington My family and I are visiting London this summer for a holiday and as a part of our time in the city we have decided to do a monopoly tour in which we will visit every street listed on the monopoly board.

We are very excited about this challenge, to see streets with historical importance and cultural vibrancy, but we are also aware that for many people these streets are where they spend the night. Homelessness has been on our hearts, and hearing the shocking London statistics is heart breaking.

The help that Glass Door provides is inspiring and we would love to do our part to support their work. Therefore, we thought that our monopoly challenge could be a good opportunity to not only raise awareness to our own family members and community but to raise money for Glass Door and the rough sleepers in London.

People come to Glass Door when they are at an absolute crisis point, with nowhere else to turn. Glass Door welcomes everyone as their guest, giving them some stability before helping them make the necessary steps move off the streets for good. They open their doors all winter, every night welcoming aboutt 120 homeless men and women. The guests can find a hot meal and a safe place for them to sleep, away from the harsh streets of London. Please donate anything you can so some of London's most vulnerable people can find shelter and support with Glass Door.

Lucy Symington