Winter 2020 looks set to be Glass Door's most challenging season to date.

With the expectation of thousands more people being evicted out onto the streets, demand for shelter spaces is going to be higher than ever. And with new Covid regulations, new solutions are having to be found in order to safely shelter large numbers of people.

This will be (or would have been, depending which plan is put in place) my 4th winter season being part of Glass Door's Richmond Night Shelter Circuit.

Over the last 3 year's I have had the privilege of seeing first hand the difference Glass Door has made to so many lives.

Not stopping at providing shelter 7 nights a week, along with the nightly 3 course meal, the Glass Door Caseworkers work tirelessly year round in helping people to find permanent accommodation and support.

Thank you to everyone at Glass Door for what you do and thank you to anyone who donates to the Team Vineyard fundraising page.

Kat Oakley