Vicki Lant In the last few years our family has experienced extraordinary change and upheaval. We had the means & a supportive employer to help us manage the pressures of long-term care & lost salaries. Through this experience & my work with Barnardo’s we know how easy it becomes for families & individuals to slide into financial difficulties as so many of the safety-nets in our communities have been removed during the tenure of this government. We are eternally grateful we have emerged from our challenges, with homes & futures.

So this is a time to say ‘thank you’ by joining Glass Door's Sleep Out on Duke of York’s Square to give someone else the chance to find shelter and have access to the support needed to get off the streets for good. We had the comforts of a secure space, warm sleeping bags (orange - far right above!), camaraderie, food, drink & toilets available and the overwhelming luxury of knowing we had a home to go to next day. No comparison with the daily experience of those who have little choice but to sleep out. Numbers have risen dramatically in the last two years.

Working in partnership with churches like Holy Trinity Sloane Square ( that inspired me to do this, Glass Door operates London's largest network of emergency night shelters for homeless men and women in winter. Thank you for helping me to exceed my target of £750 to give someone else the chance to stay in their shelters for as long as it's needed - a safe and dry place to rest with the support s/he needs to rewrite the next chapter of their life. We know how vital it is to have the support of people who love you, as you make change.

Thank you. This matters to me, and even more for someone else who just needs to feel that someone else cares. Vicki Lant