Kristine Godines

On 5th October, our group will be sleeping out in the streets to raise money for the homeless. We'll be sleeping on the cold, hard concrete in Duke of York Square (in cardboard boxes?!)🤤❄📦

This is to raise awareness of homelessness as an increasing issue in London. The money will all go to Glassdoor, a charity based in Kings Road that provides shelter, food and support to the homeless - those who will be the most vulnerable as the temperatures drop.

Raising this money will allow the Glassdoor to continue their operations, and to be able to prepare for the upcoming winter season.

So let's support their efforts by reaching our target. Any amount of donation is welcome - even just £1!

We are looking forward to this event, so share this page, tell your friends, and even consider joining us in our Big Sleepout! 💪

Kristine Godines