Zdravka Bratuhtcheva On my first night in London, the 6th May 2001, I had to sleep rough on the street. I wasn’t homeless as such, just missed the last train to Chichester, where I was suppose to arrive and had no other option. So I spend the night on a street by Victoria Station with 8 other people. Back then it felt like a thrilling experience for my 21 year old heart. But there was fear too. The big city, the dampness in the air, the random strangers passing by and offering all sorts of doggy stuff. I was exhausted from the travel and the excitement of arriving in England but could not allow myself to sleep. It was too scary! I will never forget that first night in London!

Some people, some times have no other option but to call the street their home. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to be homeless in the winter! Remember the snow and the cold last year?! Shivering by the thought of it only. Let’s all help these unfortunate ones, with what we can, to go through these awful days and hopefully find their real homes.

I am joining Glass Door's Sleep Out on the Square to give someone else the chance to find shelter and have access to the support needed to get off the streets for good.

Working in partnership with churches, Glass Door operates London's largest network of emergency night shelters for homeless men and women in winter. I aim to raise as much as I can to give someone else the chance to stay in their shelters for as long as it's needed, giving that person a safe and dry place to rest and the support he or she needs to rewrite the next chapter of their life.

Thank you. It means a lot to me, and even more for someone else who has nowhere else to turn.

Zdravka // Zizi xx Zdravka Bratuhtcheva