This pandemic is affecting everyone. But those who are already vulnerable are suffering most.

How can you help end homelessness from the comfort of your own home?

1. Make a human connection

There are still people sleeping rough while the rest of us stay safe indoors.

You may still see someone sitting outside who is probably feeling more isolated than ever before.

While respecting social distancing rules, try:   

  • Making eye contact
  • Smiling (even if you are wearing a mask)
  • Asking if they would like help connecting to local services

We believe it's a personal choice whether or not to give money. There are other ways to help.

You could say: "Sorry, I don't have any change. Would you like to have a quick chat?" 

Opening yourself up for conversation with a stranger is not easy. But if someone says that they are homeless and happy for you to make a Streetlink referral then your actions could help someone to self-isolate safely.

2. Connect someone to Streetlink

The best way to help someone who is homeless into a hotel is to bring them to the attention of their local Streetlink team.

Always ask the person if they would allow you to contact StreetLink on their behalf first. The details of the location you provide would be sent to the local authority so they can help find temporary accommodation for that person. 

If you know of someone sleeping rough, print and hand-out our flyer with information on how to access support in English, Romanian and Polish. Find out more on our:

Find Help page

3. Support St Mungo's No Going Back campaign

This is our unique chance to end homelessness for thousands. People who are in hotels will have to go back to the streets unless we join together and fight for their right to safe housing.

St Mungo's have started a campaign calling on the Government to take action so that the people currently in hotels can be helped off the streets permanently. 

Add your voice to the campaign

4. Donate

A donation to your local front-line charity can help bring shelter and hope to someone who needs it most. Use Homeless Link's searchable database to find a charity local to you.

Our COVID-19 Emergency Appeal is helping people experiencing homeless find the support and shelter they need.

Donate to the appeal now

5. Fundraise

Sleep Out participants say Everyone Deserves a Home

It’s time to get creative. There are plenty of ways you can help raise funds during lockdown.

For example:

Contact Glass Door if you need fundraising inspiration or support.

6. Shop online with organisations that support charities

Support Glass Door or your favourite charity by shopping online.

The retailer gives a portion of your sale to the good cause of your choice meaning you don’t have to spend a penny extra – or get up off the sofa.

You can choose from:


- Give as you Live

AmazonSmile (and use the Smilematic tool to be redirected to Amazon Smile to support us every time you shop Amazon).

7. Volunteer

Join a team making a real difference to those in need.

Our latest volunteer positions include Glass Door volunteering opportunities and roles with our partner organisations.

8. Donate items

People experiencing homelessness still need basic items like food and clothes. Our team also need items like PPE and hand sanitizer to help them do their job safely.

Check out things we currently need where we also detail how and where you can donate.

9. Learn and make to help in future

Photo credit: @antjebalow.

How can you use this time to relax, have fun and help people in need in future?

You could work on your baking in preparation for donating desserts to your local night shelter next winter.

You could develop your language skills in a language we need help with such as Romanian, Polish or Tigrinya.

You could make and donate face masks to help keep guests safe. Find more about this here

You could develop almost any skill to bring to a future Women’s Group workshop.

Let your imagination run wild and contact us if you have any questions about what might be useful.

10. Register your interest in hosting a refugee

Everyone is welcome at Glass Door, including refugees and individuals with no recourse to public funds. In appropriate cases, we might help these guests connect with hosting organisations. 

While it isn’t possible to host someone into your home right now, the ultimate way to make a difference is to register your interest in hosting someone in your home in future.

Find out more about becoming a host with organisations like Refugees at Home and Housing Justice

On behalf of Glass Door staff, volunteers and guests, THANK YOU.