How the shelters work

Churches take turns to host a shelter on different nights of the week. Seven churches form a "circuit", and we operate four circuits that operate primarily within each of the following London boroughs: 
  1. Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea
  2. Hammersmith & Fulham 
  3. Wandsworth
  4. Richmond

Getting a space in the shelter:

We are open to all, but demand usually outstrips supply. In winter (November to April) you or someone in need of shelter can join the waiting list either by:

  1. registering online,
  2. stopping by one of our drop-ins and asking to be put on the list, or
  3. phoning the office. 

We need to know how to contact you. If you do not have a phone or an email address, we recommend you visit us regularly in our drop-ins so we can let you know when a place opens up.

When a space becomes available, we will contact the person at the top of the list. If we are unable to reach the first person then we will begin moving down the list until we can fill the vacancy.

Unfortunately, many more people come to us than we can help, and during busy periods, it can take more than a week before a space becomes available. 

If you do not hear from us within seven days, please refresh your place on the list by either 1) calling or 2) filling in the online form again. 

During periods of freezing weather we aim to accommodate everyone in need--space permitting and as long as it is safe to do so. Please call the office during periods of below zero temperatures to ask for details.

Staying in the shelter:

Once accepted into the shelter, guests are given instructions in person or over the phone on where to go and when. Upon arriving on the first night, we provide directions and a map of where the shelters are located throughout the week.


Guests need to arrive by 8pm (exceptions can be made if pre-arranged), or they will loose their place. After a light breakfast, guests leave by 7am in the morning. 

Length of stay

Once you have a space in the shelter, you can keep it for 90 days, so long as you continue to show up each night on time and do not break our rules. The length of stay can be extended if you are engaging with caseworkers around a move-on plan.   


Guests often eat meals at communal tables with volunteers, depending on the size of the available eating area.

Men and women sleep in different rooms. 

The facilities are very basic. Guests receive a sleeping bag on their first night, which they are expected to hold onto for the duration of their stay. Glass Door also provides sleeping mats, which are laid out on the floor inside a common shared sleeping space.