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Host our Glass Door Landmark Bingo in London with your friends! In teams, you will play bingo by visiting as many London Landmarks as possible. The first team to shout bingo will win the game – which should take less than 2 hours. Create a group chat and mark off each landmark by sending selfies in front of the location. Make it more fun and ask each team to dress up too! 

We have three bingo options to choose from, depending on the area where the landmarks are: West London Bingo, Central London Bingo and East London Bingo. 


  • All teams should play the same bingo option (West, Central or East) – each bingo sheet will have different landmarks; 
  • All members of the team should stay together for the whole duration of the bingo - 2 hours; 
  • Add the landmark name when sending the selfie.  

You and your team can decide an entry fee to participate in the Landmark Bingo! We recommend that each team member pays £5 to take part, but you may want to set a different price to suit everyone’s pockets. You could set up a fundraising page on our website or do it in JustGiving. 

Everyone loves a bingoit's the perfect mix of excitement, community, and the thrill of a win. That's why Landmark Bingo is a great and fun way to raise money for Glass Door Homeless Charity with friends, family or colleagues. 

If you are planning on hosting the Glass Door Landmark Bingo, we have all that you need to deliver the perfect event.  

Tell us your plans at [email protected] and we will send over the bingo sheets prior to the event. Our fundraising team will always be available to help you out!