updated 10 June 2020

Glass Door shelters and support services are open to all, providing a safe place to sleep, advice and daytime services for those with nowhere else to turn. Thanks to our partnerships with churches and drop-in centres in West and Southwest London, we provide shelter and the support needed to end someone's chapter of homelessness. Our night shelters save lives, and our support programmes change lives.

Moving beyond homelessness: 

between 1 June 2019 and 31 May 2020: 
  • 1,434 individuals received advice and support from a team of 15 caseworkers 
  • 243 guests accessed housing 
  • 67 individuals found work
  • 168 individuals applied for the EU Settlement Scheme
  • 16 evictions were prevented 

The shelter numbers 

In the winter of 2019-2020:
  • a total of 829 individuals (aged from 18 to 80) found shelter across 34 church shelters in our network. 
  • Volunteers cooked and served over 30,775 dinners (up from 29,745 dinners in 2018-2019).
  • Staff and volunteers welcome guests and eat meals together in our shelters, helping to forge a renewed sense of dignity. After staying with Glass Door, 77% said that they feel more optimistic about the futureGuests also indicated they felt more confident, connected, rested and supported than when they arrived (according to data from our anonymous survey in January 2020).

    Said a guest in his forties:

Above all, I feel more confident and positive.

The Glass Door Theory of Change

When basic needs are provided for in combination with casework and specialist support through partner organisations, guests are able to harness their motivation and take control of their lives. We aim to help guests achieve the ultimate goal of independent futures with a safe and stable place to call home.

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