Glass Door shelters and support services are open to all, providing a safe place to sleep, advice and daytime services for those with nowhere else to turn. Thanks to our partnerships with churches and drop-in centres in West and Southwest London, we provide shelter and the support needed to end someone's chapter of homelessness. Our night shelters save lives, and our caseworkers change lives.

The numbers 

  • In the winter of 2017/2018, we expect about 100 individuals will sleep in one of three church-based Glass Door shelters every night. A total of 420 individuals stayed with us in 2016/2017 for as long as they needed it.
  • A team of caseworkers work year-round to help get people back into independence. 160 of our guests moved into housing in 2016-2017.
  • of the 85 that we helped into housing in 2015-2016, 70% were still in housing a year later. This statistic is getting even better as we are now supporting guests after they've been housed
  • Staff and volunteers welcome guests and eat meals together in our church shelters, helping to give a renewed sense of dignity. 73% percent of guests report a renewed sense of optimism. Said a guest last winter:

Without these services I would have lost the most important thing. They have given me hope.

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