Every day around the capital people are sleeping on buses, on park benches, under the awnings of shops. We believe no one should have to sleep on the street, especially during a global health pandemic.

At a time when a growing number of people are facing job losses and homelessness, Glass Door is facing the additional challenge of keeping guests, volunteers and staff safe while Covid-19 is still at large. Glass Door’s usual model of rotating church-based shelters (where a different venue is used each night and people move each day) is not allowed under current government guidance. Knowing many continue to be in desperate need of shelter, food and support to move beyond homelessness this winter, Glass Door has developed new ways of providing these essential services.  

Now we need your help

While our new services are safer, they are also more costly. Your donation today could help ensure those who need it most can access these vital services and help to further expand our services this winter.

Glass Door does not receive any funding that impedes our open access policy. Thus, we rely on donations from individuals, corporations, schools, community groups, churches, trusts and foundations. Together, we can make a life-transforming difference. 

The amounts listed when you donate represent the cost of the services Glass Door provides in the winter of 2020-2021. Please know that we will put donations to use wherever it is needed most. 

Our emergency shelters save lives, and our support services help change lives. Please join us.

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