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What is the problem we are facing?

Every day we are witnessing the impact of soaring rents, the scarcity of affordable housing, and the hardships faced by refugees navigating a complex immigration system. The cost of mortgages has risen dramatically and the squeeze to cover everyday essentials is getting tighter.

These challenges are pushing more people towards homelessness, with some finding themselves in unsafe or unsuitable housing, sofasurfing, or sleeping rough on the streets. 

Why donate to Glass Door?

Everyone should have the right to call somewhere home. 

Our casework team works tirelessly, providing expert advice and advocacy to those in need. We help individuals access healthcare, secure identification, find employment, escape modern slavery and most importantly access a permanent pathway out of homelessness.  

During the hard months of winter, Glass Door provides emergency winter night shelters. Each night, up to 105 guests receive a warm welcome, a nutritious meal and a safe shelter for those who might otherwise be sleeping in the cold. 

Glass Door does not receive any funding that impedes our open access policy. Thus, we rely on donations from individuals, corporations, schools, community groups, churches, trusts and foundations.

Why make a monthly donation? 

Your monthly donation not only supports people experiencing homelessness, but also ensures that we can sustain our efforts in the long term. Your monthly donations allow us to make a lasting impact on the lives of our guests by providing them with stability, support and ultimately a pathway out of homelessness.  

Hellen's Story

Following a relationship breakdown, months of sofa surfing and eventually exhausting all her options, Hellen ended up with no choice but to sleep on the streets.  

‘I was so tired from constantly moving... I didn’t know where else to turn.’ 

She then came to a Glass Door drop-in session, where she met Caroline, one of Glass Door’s caseworkers.

‘She cared, she listened to me, and she understood me.’ 

Hellen stayed at our women’s night shelter while she got back on her feet and, with Caroline’s help, was able to find a home of her own. 

‘I can finally sleep properly because I feel safe. I’m cooking meals for myself again in my new home, I feel confident now.’

Join us in working towards a future where no one has to sleep on the streets of London. Your donation can make a real difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness.