For volunteers

Updated: 21 October 2020

This section is for our wonderful volunteers that have already been accepted into a volunteering program. It is here to explain the things you need to know about volunteering this year. (If you are looking to apply for a volunteering position,  please see our list of available roles).  


1) Read the volunteer handbook (updated October 2020)

2) Register

Please register online using the link below. If a volunteer can not access this page, they are encouraged to ask for help from their volunteer coordinator or a member of staff. Register NOW:

as a dinner volunteer


as a volunteer in the Hostel, Office or other role

Why we need you to register

Even if you have volunteered before and have previously filled out the form, you will need to do so again at the beginning of every new winter season. This is the only way we have of knowing you have returned and are still actively volunteering.

This year registration is of particular importance, given requirements for NHS Track and Trace.

COVID-19 notice: Your contact information will be retained in accordance with the UK Government COVID-19 guidance. This information may be shared with NHS Test and Trace if required. Further information can be found at

Glass Door needs to know who and how many people are volunteering at our services not only for health and safety but also for insurance purposes. We may use your information to contact you regarding volunteering matters, but please know we never share details with third parties except on exceptional circumstances. Registering also ensures you receive important updates and an invitation to our annual "Thank You" event.

Paper copies of the handbook are also available from your volunteer coordinator or from Glass Door HQ. Please do ask us if you would like more detailed information on anything covered.

We have a food safety presentation that will help you prepare as a volunteer.

Further resources

Thank you

Thank you for choosing to volunteer with Glass Door. You are are at the heart of our organisation.You make our services possible, and you’re Glass Door’s face in the local community. You provide a safe refuge to those who sorely need it, and your actions let people know they matter. With your warm welcome, you give people dignity. You are essential to everything that we do!

And you make a difference. As two guests recently wrote in an anonymous feedback form:

The volunteers always have a smile and a personal word for each of us.


From the bottom of my heart, many thanks for your help and support.