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Jo Carter

Finance and Resources

Abbas Bandali | Data Manager

Louise Ablewhite | HR Manager

Sue Everitt | Office Manager

Jonathan Low | Head of Finance and Resources

Annette McGloin | Reception

Maria Salmon | Reception


Geoff Ball | Operations Manager

Matthew Falk | Head of Operations and Service Development

Corin Heney | Volunteering and Involvement Manager

Martina Nesi | Services Officer


to contact our Fundraising Team please write to [email protected] 

Alicia Feetham | Fundraising Manager (Trusts and Foundations)

Matt Hickey Head of Fundraising & Major Donors

Paloma Fraser-Prynne Guzman | Fundraising Officer (Events and Community)

Camille Gauthier-Frigon Fundraising Officer (Individual Giving)

Kieran Martin Fundraising Manager (Events, Corporate and Community)

Mark Vanderstoop | Income Processing Assistant

Communications & Policy

to contact our Press Office please write to [email protected] 

Erin Whiteley | Head of Communications

Faye Guy | Digital Communications Officer

Daniel Lewis | Communications, Policy and Insights Officer


Olu Eliot Benson | Caseworker

Patricia Cazenave | Senior Caseworker

Stephanie Clark | Caseworker

Andrew Cozin | Caseworker

Rodrigo da Silva Manhaes | Caseworker

Lewis Gates Senior Caseworker

Caroline Hillam | Caseworker

Alice Houbart | Multiple Disadvantage Caseworker

Zara Mirza | Caseworker

Neil Parkinson | Co-Head of Casework

Karolina Patyra Caseworker

Frances Pilling | Migrant Project Caseworker

Boguslaw Szewczyk | Co-Head of Casework

Gemma Thapermall | Senior Caseworker

Joseph Tucker | Caseworker

Anna Yassin | Migrant Services and Advocacy Manager

Seasonal staff

Our incredible team of seasonal staff ensure our shelter run smoothly throughout the winter, a time when our services are needed more than ever.