Glass Door is committed to delivering a high standard of service to anyone who engages with our work.

If you have a complaint about Glass Door’s fundraising activities, please follow this procedure:

  • Contact our Fundraising Manager by phone (020 3713 3226) or email. If you believe your complaint should go outside of our Fundraising team please contact Glass Door's COO by phone (020 7351 4948) or email.  Alternatively you can write to us at Glass Door, 155A Kings Road, London, SW3 5TX.
  • Glass Door will acknowledge this complaint within five working days of receipt.
  • We will investigate this complaint and take to our Trustee board where appropriate. Glass Door will provide you with an outcome in writing within 28 days of receipt of the complaint.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint, please let us know within two months of your outcome being received; Glass Door will refer this to the Fundraising Regulator for further investigation.
  • Glass Door will keep a record of all complaints made (the date, details of the investigation and all communications regarding the complaint); we will store this for a minimum of 24 months. We will pass these details onto the Fundraising Regulator for inspection at their request.
  •  If you would prefer to go directly to the Fundraising Regulator to make your complaint you can do so via the form on their website. Alternatively, you can call them on 0300 999 3407. 

If you have a complaint about anything else, please contact the COO by email