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Glass Door has a clear response to the Home Secretary’s recent comments: Homelessness is not a lifestyle choice, but something that could happen to any of us.

The unaffordability of housing and cost of living crisis have pushed thousands of Londoners towards desperate situations in recent years.

We support people every day who have fallen into homelessness as a result of domestic violence, being evicted, mental illness, relationship breakdowns, bereavement, job loss and many other factors. These are not personal preferences.

The Greater London Authority's latest data shows that there is a 12% rise in rough sleeping in London. But it is important to remember that for every person seen sleeping on the streets, there are many more experiencing ‘hidden homelessness’ – including those in temporary accommodation, sofa-surfing, sleeping on night buses or living in other insecure, unstable accommodation.

There are many ways in which the government can prevent more people from being forced to sleep rough and in a tent on the streets. The government should raise housing benefits, ban no-fault evictions and focus on expanding the supply of social housing available.