Updated 21 October 2020:

Glass Door is adapting our services to support people during the coronavirus crisis. This winter, we will be providing the following services:


Glass Door will have about 88 single rooms available in hostel-like accommodation, with meals and 24-hour supervision. Find out more.


From 9 November 2020, Glass Door will be providing a hot meal seven days a week to individuals who have pre-registered for this service. Details of how to register and the rules around attending the service will be available soon.

Tailored Advice and Support:

At day centres associated with Glass Door, guests can make an appointment to speak with a caseworker who can provide advice and practical assistance to help find solutions. At some of the day centres, guests can also eat meals, find clothes, take showers and have laundry washed.  Space is limited, so early arrival is recommended.

Our services are best suited to individuals based in South West and West London. See below if you are based in another part of London or the UK.

Other organisations that can help: 

  1. Contact the housing department of your local authority – usually the place you’ve most recently lived – to fill in a homeless application. You can use the Gov.uk website to find your local council.
  2. Contact Streetlink, a service that aims to ensure people sleeping rough are connected to the local services and support available to them.
  3. Call Shelter's help line for over-the-phone advice.  
  4. If you are between 16-25, contact Centrepoint Helpline on 0808 800 0661 (Mon-Fri 9-5, calls are free). 
  5. Find guidance on where to get help  using Homeless Link's searchable tools.
  6. Look for copies of the Pavement magazine, which is a printed resource intended for men and women experiencing homelessness and provides lists of organisations that can help. Their website also offers links to local and national services.