At Glass Door we believe in compassion and shared responsibility. Working together, we are saving lives and providing routes out of homelessness.


We partner with churches and community centres to provide shelter and support, because no one should have to sleep on the streets of London.

We exist to support people who are homeless and whom no one else can or will help. We aim to bring practical and emotional support and some stability to help people get back on their feet.


Our vision is a future where no one has to sleep on the streets of London. 


  • We are welcoming.
  • We are open to all, without prejudice.
  • We are compassionate.
  • We believe individuals can turn their lives around.
  • We know we can have a bigger impact when we work together.

Our services and shelters have always been open to all. People in need do not need to fill out lots of forms or show they meet various eligibility criteria to access our services. This means we can provide a safety net for those who cannot navigate the bureaucratic process--as many struggle to do. We only ask that our guests follow a few simple rules. 

We welcome people as guests, rather than as ‘clients' or 'service users’. We offer respect and the idea that all people have dignity and value.

Our open-access policy allows us time and space to develop relationships and trust.  We have found this to be a crucial element that has helped our guests reintegrate back into society.

Although our services are made possible by churches and church volunteers, we do not proselytise, and people⁠—guests, volunteers and staff members⁠—of all faiths or none are welcome.