Homeless people are far more likely to be victims of crime than perpetrators. Statistics show that homeless people are fifteen times more likely to be victims of violent assault and over forty times more likely to be victims of theft than are the wider population. By bringing vulnerable individuals inside, we are not only keeping them safe, we are making the neighbourhood safer for everyone. 

Our experience is that people affected by homelessness stay local to their area. We always advise those outside London to find local services. Contrary to concerns, our shelter do not draw people into in the area; they just makes it safer for vulnerable rough sleepers in the community and for local residents by virtue of rough sleepers not being on the streets.

Those attending the night shelter must register in advance with Glass Door. They may not attend if they are intoxicated, and the shelters are supervised throughout the night by Glass Door staff.

Trained caseworkers have an excellent record of helping people move into more permanent accommodation, ultimately creating a safer, more humane environment for everyone in the communities where we operate.