Our shelters run from early November to early April. The shelters exist as a safe, warm space to get off the streets, have some food and speak to a caseworker. The shelters are very basic, and guests must move between seven different church halls, one for each night of the week.  

A new sleeping bag and a mat is provided on the first night of stay, and dinner and breakfast are provided every dayStaff are available all throughout the night to ensure your safety. Those who stay with us must be able to attend regularly, or they lose their spot.  

As the location changes each night, there is no space to store your items during the day, and you must always keep your items with you.  

Because demand is high, our guests are permitted to stay for up to 90 days. However, the stay can be extended if they are receiving on-going casework support. 

Please note that due to COVID-19 our shelters are not currently running, we are running hostels instead.

The hostels provide a single-occupancy room with a shared bathroom between 1-2 other individuals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided and staff are available 24/7. Caseworkers visit the hostel and hold appointments with all guests of the hostel. 

We still require that guests stay every night to maintain their space due to high demand.