The money and awareness you raise will help give shelter, support and hope to individuals in London who have nowhere else to turn.

Despite the rules regarding social distancing there are still many ways you can help Glass Door.

1) First, decide what you want to do

Right now, you really can be sponsored for doing just about anything, from shaving your head to cycling the Tour de France from your living room.

Need some extra inspiration?

  • For one night, give up the luxury of your bed and swap it for a sleeping bag on the floor either indoors our outside (if you have a balcony or garden). Sleep out as a family or ask friends to do the same from their own home. 
  • Use Skype, Zoom or House Party to hold a virtual pub quiz. Set up a fundraising page and ask your guests to make a donation to take part.
  • Have you got a skill or interest that others might like to learn? Lead online classes through your video platform of choice, with people donating for their tuition. 
  • Or could you turn that talent into an online concert? Go ‘live’ online and ask people to donate to Glass Door during your show. You could even rope in your mates and curate a mini festival.
  • Do you have old unwanted clothes, books or CDs? Sell second hand items on Ebay or through specialist sights such as Collect the funds, then transfer them to Glass Door.
  • Why not pick up your paintbrushes or knitting needles and take small commissions from friends and family, donating the funds you raise. Or, as a nod to the excellent Glass Door volunteer cooks, could you crochet a vegetable a day and then raffle them off through a fundraising page?!
  • Is your birthday coming up? Set up a birthday fundraiser and ask friends, family and colleagues to donate as a gift... or give what they would have spent on buying you a drink. Facebook is great for birthday fundraising pages or you can set one up right here.
  • You and your colleagues could donate what you would have spent on takeaway coffees or your commute each week into a ‘virtual coffee jar' with funds going directly to Glass Door. 

2) Get in touch

Once you have decided on the type of activity and the date, make sure you let us know. We will send you our fundraising guidelines to ensure you are being legal and safe. And we would love to support you in any way we can.

3) Set up a fundraising page

Set up a fundraising page

Remember to explain what you’re up to and why you’re helping to end homelessness. Your resulting page will be displayed here.

4) Promote your event

See our Fundraising Toolkit for tips on how to spread the word and reach your fundraising goal.

Glass Door is a member of Fundraising Regulator, the independent regulator of charitable fundraising. Read our fundraising promise to you

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