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‘In aid of’ fundraising events 


On behalf of the guests who depend on Glass Door, thank you for your interest in fundraising to raise both awareness and crucial funds to support Glass Door's work. We very much appreciate the efforts of our volunteer fundraisers, and we hope that the event you are organising in aid of Glass Door is rewarding for all those taking part.  


The fundraising guidelines set by the Fundraising Regulator require us to write to you before a fundraising event. Please do email [email protected] to let us know what you are planning, and we will send a personalised letter outlining your responsibilities. 

The key point to note is that you are fundraising ‘in aid of’ Glass Door rather than ‘on behalf of’ the charity, as we are not in control of or managing your event in any way. Various things flow from that ‘in aid of’ relationship, as follows.

Please note that when raising funds online, we encourage fundraisers to use a reputable fundraising platform such as the one found on our own website that ensures funds are transferred directly into Glass Door's accounts.

Fundraiser's responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the fundraiser to:

  • organise all aspects of the event;
  • act within the law; considering your own health and safety and policies involving working with children and/or vulnerable adults and taking into account your own insurance requirements as our charity insurance does not cover this event;
  • pay all funds raised for Glass Door directly to the charity in full, quickly and efficiently; within two months. If any funds raised are being kept by the event organisers to cover costs this must be clearly stated to anyone who makes a financial contribution;
  • return any collection tins/buckets to Glass Door office sealed, with all collected funds inside;
  • make it clear that the event is ‘in aid of’ Glass Door.


What Glass Door will do

Glass Door is not in control of, or responsible or liable for, any aspect of the event.

When asked, we endeavour to:

  • use our existing resources to share information and promote the event via our website, social media and newsletters where appropriate;
  • set up your online fundraising page;
  • provide branded materials about our work, but not customised to your event;
  • send a representative to talk about the work of Glass Door and/or provide video footage;
  • provide sealed collection tins/buckets labelled with our full name and registered charity number. 

Getting in touch

Again, please do email [email protected] to let us know what you are planning, and we will send a personalised letter outlining the responsibilities as stated above.

Thank you for giving men and women who are homeless the opportunity to turn their lives around. We are so grateful.