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12 June 2020

Help Glass Door guests stay safe when they are out and about by making and donating re-usable cloth masks. 

Lockdown is easing and it will be compulsory for everyone to wear a face mask on London transport from Monday 15 June. This will impact many people facing homelessness who use public transport to stay warm and dry. 

You can help by making face masks for our guests to wear. If we get enough donations then we will be able to provide a face mask to each vulnerable guest who visits our casework services and distribute them to individuals currently sheltering in hotels too.  

Step 1 – Choose a method and make your masks 

This BBC article suggests several different techniques to make safe face masks, many of which do not even need sewing. 

And if you are a sewing whiz, there are several YouTube videos which involve more complex techniques. This is one of our favourites but have a search online to see which one suits you and the materials you have to hand. 

Step 2 – Sanitize the mask to keep guests safe 

Wash all the masks you have made in the washing machine with hot water and completely dry on medium or high heat. 

Using a clean pair of gloves, put each mask into a brand new Ziploc plastic bag or other clean, clear sealable plastic bag.  

To be extra sure that there is no cross-contamination, we will keep the masks in our offices for a short period before distributing them as we know that viral particles can live on material for a certain time. 

Step 3 – Post the masks to us 

Pop all the masks in the post and send to: 

Glass Door Homeless Charity, Argon Mews, London, SW6 1BJ

Please post the masks to us if you can so that we can limit the number of people coming to our offices. If you live close and would prefer to drop them round, then please give us a ring beforehand so we can arrange a safe hand-over at a mutually convenient time. 


P.S We also gladly donations of commercial disposable face masksCheck out the things we need for more information.