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24 April 2016

Glass Door's marathon team made it to the finish line after a gruelling 26.2-mile run yesterday. Running Glass Door first marathon place, Will Hamlyn joined Steven Platts and Becky Evans who had managed to secure individual places of their own.

Their months of training, perseverance, and stamina paid off as they've finished the race and have raised a combined £4,831 to date, providing shelter and support to the men and women who have nowhere else to turn. That's £184.39 -- enough to cover the costs for eight people to stay in a shelter --for every mile they ran. 

Huge thanks due the runners and everyone who offered encouragement and support. Because of these efforts, more men and women will have shelter for the night and the support they need to find a way off the street. 

Becky's time: 3:43:45

Will's time: 4:00:19

Steven's time: 3:46:20  (Although some argue Steven's pre-cycle ride to the event qualifies him for a biathlon finish.)

It's not too late to support them! Contributions help make the aching muscles and dead toenails easier to bear. Will's page can be found here, and Becky and Steven's combined page here.  

Photos posted on our Facebook page.