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“Homelessness can happen to any of us,” narrated by Glass Door supporter and esteemed actor, Colin Firth, spotlights the tragic reality of homelessness in London, introducing four characters who are experiencing different kinds of homelessness. 

Many of us are at risk of becoming homeless, thousands of us are experiencing it and an ever-increasing number of people are sleeping on the streets of London.

With 1 in 50 Londoners currently experiencing homelessness, the reality is that right now, someone you know might be facing the nightmare of homelessness.

Each individual we support has their own story, their own journey which led them to homelessness, and each will have their own unique path out of homelessness. With the help of our supporters, we are constantly working to make sure this is a chapter in someone's life, and not the whole book.  

Together, we can help people find a permanent pathway out of homelessness.

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