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20 June 2018 

Eddie, who was homeless for 26 years before finding shelter and support to get off the street with Glass Door, features in the first film by new video project Homeless Stories. Says Eddie: 

One act of kindness can change somebody. It’s like throwing a pebble in a river; you don’t know where the ripple ends.

Eddie and six others have already shared their stories, captured by award-winning photo journalist and film-maker Hazel Thompson. Their stories will be featured each week through the Homeless Stories' Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels.


The project was conceived by Glenn Cooper, senior director of business development at Universal Music and Dave Graham, founder at Crossfire Productions, who together decided to combine their experiences of engaging audiences through emotive story-telling and take a different approach at raising awareness of the homelessness epidemic.


The statistics can make the problem seem overwhelming. Figures published by the government at the beginning of 2018 showed that rough sleeping in England has increased for the seventh consecutive year, with an estimated 4,751 people sleeping rough in 2017, a 15% increase from the previous year. 


The founders of Homeless Stories are looking to humanise the issue by allowing individuals affected by homelessness to tell their own stories. Says Dave Graham: 

Our goal is to work with a different local UK charity each month and raise awareness of their ongoing efforts with the homeless in their own communities by providing a platform for them to tell their story.


Each of the videos will be featured across social media and video platforms, but the primary focus will be on Facebook and Instagram. The founders hope that through the power of commenting and sharing on these platforms, new audiences can be engaged on a global level, whilst also helping affect change in local communities.

Says Glenn Cooper:   

By shining a light on the great work these local charities are doing, we aim to help raise awareness and also raise funds through donations. Each video interview will allow the individual to tell their personal story and provide an honest account of how the local charity has offered support, hopefully delivering a positive message and showing that there is a potential solution with the support of local communities.


Glass Door says the project is a good example of how individuals from different sectors can work together to help end homelessness. "The rise in homelessness should be our great national shame,” says Melissa Kerschen, Glass Door’s senior communications manager. She adds:

We all can play a part in ending homelessness, and we face the best odds for success when individuals from a range of institutions work together.


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