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On 18th May I will be Abseiling down the ArcelorMittal Orbit to help individuals in our community find shelter and support when they need it most.

Now, I DON'T LIKE HEIGHTS, and 80 metres is HIGH!!! So I am not sure why I chose to do this. My stomach turns even at the THOUGHT of taking that first step off the edge (watch this https://youtu.be/74plgiOJDMk to see what it will be like)

But, I really want to raise money for Glass Door because I know, and have seen first hand, the amazing work they do to support and shelter those in our community who are at an absolute crisis point. Glass Door welcomes everyone as their guest, giving them some stability before helping them take the necessary steps to move off the streets for good.

Their doors are open to everyone year-round. In winter, they provide emergency shelters (I volunteer at the one of these shelters hosted by St Mary's Church in Putney), and they offer advice and support to help people move beyond homelessness throughout the year.

Please donate anything you can. Together, we can to provide shelter and support to someone who has no where else to turn.

Please share with family and friends on Facebook and Twitter - and beyond - so I can reach my target, and together we can bring more people in off the streets.

Thank you!