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A Glass Door film about our casework support service

Year round, Glass Door caseworkers work with people who are at risk of or are experiencing homelessness. Each person has a different story and different challenges to overcome, so every day is different. Caseworkers and guests work together to build a tailored, individual and personal pathway out of homelessness. 

What is casework?  

From meeting with guests for the first time to helping them move into more permanent accommodation, the work of the casework team assists individuals with a range of issues. The team might for example, help someone replace lost or stolen ID or open a bank account. We help people access healthcare services, apply to the EU settlement schemes, help with referrals to external partners for immigration advice, and much more.  

Because our advice is personalised, guests are helped to find long term solutions to the issues they encounter related to homelessness including gaining access to benefits and navigating a complex bureaucratic system.  

Guests don’t need to fill in long, complicated forms or prove local connection in order access Glass Door’s casework service. Like all our services, our casework offer is open to everyone because we believe that, with the right support, anyone can and should be able to end their chapter of homelessness.   

I've been encouraged to empower myself, to make decisions for myself. The caseworker suggested ideas and opportunities, and I've been left to follow up in my own time which has been very empowering for me.

A Glass Door guest

The film 

Our new film follows members of our senior casework team, Gemma, Lewis and Patricia as they explain their role and the work they do day to day.  

My role as a caseworker is to support and advocate for my guests, to make sure they get everything they’re entitled to.

Gemma, Senior Caseworker

As the cost-of-living crisis deepens and the temperatures plummet, there has been an increased demand for Glass Door’s services, including casework. We are seeing many people who are not currently homeless, but are afraid they may lose their homes.  

“Each time I meet a new guest, I want to ensure that they receive the service I would want to receive if I was in their situation,” explains Lewis. He adds: 

I support guests by encouraging them to take back control of their circumstances, stepping in when injustice or bureaucracy creates barriers. 

Get support from our caseworkers

If you or someone you know is affected by homelessness, you can visit a partner day centre and have a conversation with a trained caseworker. They will assess your situation with you and provide advocacy, advice and practical assistance to help find solutions to leave homelessness behind for good.  

See a caseworker