Great! You've either snagged a spot on the square or you're thinking of spending the night sleeping out to to raise funds and awareness for people experiencing homelessness. All Sleep Out participants must be pre-registered, and note the minimum age is 11. 


On-site check-in will start at 9:30pm at Duke of York Square. Please register when you first arrive; only those who have pre-registered will be allowed in the main sleeping area (although friends will be able to visit a dedicated social area). 

The event will finish at 6am, when we have to clear the square to make way for the Saturday Food Market. Do stay for the optional breakfast and "survivor's" photo, which will take place just before we all disperse.  

Kit to bring: 

- sleeping bag 

- sleeping mat and/or cardboard (helps to have a bit of insulation between you and pavement)

- waterproof "survival" or "bivvy" bag in case of rain (try Sports Direct or Amazon). But this is only in case it pours down. As most are made of non-breathable plastic, pools of condensation can form inside the bag, leaving you with the exact opposite effect you’re going for!

- umbrella suggested if it looks like rain is a possibility.

- a pillow - no extra points for being miserable. Although you could use your pack for a pillow if you want to go for the authentic experience. 

- a hat (you’ll be glad to have it).

- comfortable layers. Temperatures can drop in the middle of the night and you’ll want to be prepared. 

- Some sleepers like to use ear plugs and an eye mask (no one ever realises how bright and noisy the streets are until you try to sleep through it).  

- We’ll have access to porta-loos, thanks to Cadogan and Westgreen Construction. If you want to brush teeth/wash up before bedding down, that will be possible. All loos will be uni-sex. 

Food & drink: 

Water, tea, coffee and snacks will be freely available, thanks to Pret and Westgreen Construction Ltd. Friends and former guests have offered to man the tea and coffee urns. As always, our friends at Partridges will be serving their delicious bacon sarnies at 5am. A vegan option for breakfast will be kindly provided by Pret. 

No alcohol allowed; we ask that you please do not smoke where people are sleeping. 

Facilities, security & more

We’ll have the comfort of porta-loos and security provided by Cadogan Estate, who are the main sponsors of the event. There will be lots of Glass Door staff available in high-vis jackets if you need anything on the night. Trained first-aiders will also be in place should anyone be in need of their assistance.  

We’ve teamed up with Showtime Photo Booth at this year's Sleep Out event. Showtime are regularly found on the London circuit with either their Tuk Tuk from India or the Classic booth in black or the latest and greatest magic mirror photo booth. We will have their GIF booth to document the night. Take advantage of the sharing tools to spread the message of why and what we are doing to help end homelessness.

Register today to start the journey. We look forward to welcoming you on the night!