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I’m Gemma, a Senior Caseworker at Glass Door Homeless Charity. 

You may have noticed the rising number of people experiencing homelessness.

It’s not just a statistic; it’s a stark reality for one in 50 Londoners this Christmas. 

Every day, we are witnessing the impact of soaring rents, the scarcity of affordable housing, and the hardships faced by refugees navigating a complex immigration system. The cost of mortgages has risen dramatically and the squeeze to cover everyday essentials is getting tighter. These challenges are pushing more people towards homelessness, with some finding themselves in unsafe or unsuitable housing, sofa-surfing, or sleeping rough on the streets.

Over recent months, me and my colleagues in the casework team at Glass Door have been supporting a complex range of cases. 

  • A dad, struggling in the one-bedroom accommodation he shares with his two children, after losing their house following the death of his wife. They have to share a communal kitchen with limited access to heat and hot water. His priority is to make sure his kids are safe, clean, fed and turn up to school every day.
  • A woman, who has spent numerous nights sleeping on buses to escape her abusive partner. She has nowhere to go.
  • A young man, sofa-surfing for the past 6 months and getting to a point where he has used up all his favours.
  • A family, struggling to make ends meet and afford the huge increase in their rent, while also feeding their children.

These are everyday people like me and you and represent the scale of the problem we’re facing.

The reality is that right now, someone you know might be facing the nightmare of homelessness.

Our casework team, providing expert advice and advocacy to those in need. We help individuals access healthcare, secure identification, find employment, escape modern slavery and access a permanent pathway out of homelessness.

This November, we reopened our emergency night shelters and the demand for our services has surged by 50% compared to last year. Our waiting list continues to grow daily. This is where your support can make a real difference.

With your help, we can continue to provide holistic and compassionate support, showing those facing homelessness that they are not alone.

Please consider supporting Glass Door with a donation this Christmas. I have seen how homelessness can happen to anyone, and your contribution can be a lifeline, providing our guests with the tangible support that can make a massive difference in their lives.

Thank you so much for your support.

Gemma, Senior Caseworker – Glass Door Homeless Charity

On Giving Tuesday (Tuesday 28th November) every contribution made to our Christmas Appeal will be doubled in value, thanks to the generous support of The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust - this means any donation made today will go even further in supporting our guests! Matched giving is only until funds last, so click the 'Donate' button above to help someone facing homelessness this Christmas.