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Below please find links to information and forms you may find useful. 

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NEW: Coronavirus Hub for staff and volunteers (updated 31 March 2020)

The essentials

Registering volunteers

Communication updates for Volunteer Coordinators

We send these every fortnight. Please remember any identifying details of guests you are able to ascertain must remain confidential. If you are not receiving these updates, please let [email protected] know. Please know if you have unsubscribed but would like to re-register, you can do so here http://eepurl.com/dG7nsj


Shelter Managers 

(updated for 2019-2020)

The staff member on duty can be contacted 6pm - 6am on the following mobile numbers: 

  • K&C South (Chelsea Methodist Church, Holy Trinity Brook Green, St Dionis Parson's Green, HTB Queen's Gate, St Simon's Rockley Rd, Hall of Remembrance, Katherine Low Settlement, St Columba's)
    • Geoff (Mon, Fri), Steve (Tue-Thu), Bruce (Sat-Sun): 07933797513
  • K&C Central (St Cuthbert's, St Peter's Notting Hill, St Katherine's Westway, St Barnabas, Our Lady of Victories, St Luke's Redcliffe Gardens, Rivercourt Methodist Church)
    • Luis (Mon, Thu-Sun), Abiola (Tues, Weds): 07933431799 
  • H&F (St Mary's Putney Bridge, St Dionis, HTB Queen's Gate, St John's Fulham, St Saviour's Wendell Park, Barnes Methodist Church, St Margaret's Putney Bridge)
    • Will (Mon-Fri) Abiola (Sat-Sun): 07563760719
  • Wandsworth (Ascension Balham Hill, St Peter's Battersea, St Mark's Battersea, St Barnabas Clapham Common, St Barnabas Southfields, St Michael's Southfields, St Luke's Battersea) 
    • Matthew (Mon, Tues, Fri-Sun), Rachel (Wed-Thu): 07933706254
  • Richmond (St Elizabeth of Portugal, The Vineyard Life Church, All Saints East Shee, St John the Divine, Christchurch East Sheen, St Matthias, St Mary Parish Hall)
    • Keith (Tues-Sat), Lewis (Sun, Mon): 07934535606


SUPPLIES: We have a good supply of rice, tinned tomatoes and pasta in storage. Please get in touch with Geoff (details below) if you would like us to supply these items.

Please know there is no expectation that you source food donations for your shelter, but we are of course happy for you to supplement what you buy and have reimbursed with items given as donations. 


  • Royal Gardens Hotel staff gave a presentation on food safety in September 2019 for volunteer coordinators to emphasise a few basic tips. Download the slide show
  • Food Safety and Hygiene Courses: If you are looking to bring your kitchen up to the standards expected by organisations that deliver food to charities, these courses can give you guidance. 
  • Catering for Dietary Requirements: Guests may have dietary requirements based on allergies, religious beliefs, health conditions, ethical choices or other personal choices. Please make sure you are aware of any guests with allergies or dietary requirements daily, and communicate this to the rest of the team. Please download and read Glass Door's Guidance on how to cater for various dietary requirements


IF you are looking to arrange for food donations, please know we have worked with the following organisations: 

  • Caravan Bakery have kindly offered to provide donations to local shelters in Richmond. Download information here
  • Fare Share
  • City Harvest London
  • Felix Project
  • Other places to try:
    • Your local bakery: Gail's, L'Eto, Hummingbird Cafe, Pret, Eat and others have been known to be generous.
    • Franco Manco Pizza has also organised donations in the past via [email protected]
  • if you would like a letter acknowledging your relationship to the charity, let [email protected] know. Please let us know about resulting donations so we can send a letter and/or certificate of thanks.

Hair-cutting services available

Sam from Crew Experience has a mobile hair cutting van and would like to offer haircuts, hair washes and beard trims to guests before shelters open (6-8pm). We have seen his liability insurance and the services have been well received in various locations so far. He can be contacted at [email protected] if you would like to ask about arranging a visit to your shelter. (note: The van is large and needs a direct electrical supply.)

Please note hair-cutting services are available from Greenlight on a fortnightly basis at Queen's Gate for guests of the K&C and H&F circuits.

Volunteers sought

Anyone interested in volunteering outside of shelter season should be sure to take a look at the list of volunteering opportunities found on our website.

Volunteers available

We constantly have individuals and corporate partners requesting to volunteer in the night shelter. If you have spaces on your rota, let us know. We would be happy to send a small team or just one person your way. 

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call anyone in the office if there's something we can do for you. 

Office staff direct dial numbers / emails: 


We can't say it enough: Thank You for all that you do. You are our face in the community, and you make our night shelter services possible. We are extremely grateful for your commitment and hard work.