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After a cancelled football match left the owners of the Red Lion Pub with 200 portions of stew, owner Angus Mckean took to social media to look for a worthy home. 

Glass Door got wind of the situation and asked its volunteer coordinators if the shelters operating that Sunday night could use the extra food. Vicky and Steve Lawrence at the Rivercourt Methodist Church shelter responded positively, and The Red Lion Pub put the stew into a taxi to deliver the meals. 

Said Vicky Lawrence:

Normally we do a chicken roast with vegetables, but it was nice to give guests a choice and we froze some of the meat we’d already bought. It saved us a lot of money.

We had 80 portions of stew, it was really good, there was rosemary and generous amounts of beef - the guests loved it.

Full story can be found online at the Richmond & Twickenham website