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11 May 2020 

Glass Door chief operating officer Lucy Abraham spoke on a Euronews broadcast about the precarious situation many EU nationals will face once hotels close. 

The full article is available on Euronews with the video also on YouTube. 

“The hotels that are open at the moment will be running for around six weeks or so – that’s our understanding,” said Lucy. 

There isn’t any clarity about what happens after that time. 

"Many staying in hotels at the moment have no recourse for public funds – a lot of the Europeans staying haven’t been in the UK for five years. So they’re not eligible for settled status.” 

The Euronews footage features several EU nationals who have become homeless since the lockdown began. One man says:  

I worked in a restaurant, I lost my job and I couldn’t afford my rent. 

Glass Door caseworkers are working hard to secure alternative accommodation for as many guests as possible so that they do not have to return to the streets once the lockdown ends. 

Representatives from the homeless collective Under One Sky also speak out about the high demand for food from people who are currently sleeping rough. You can read about Glass Door’s involvement in the launch of this food outreach project here. 

Support our appeal to give Europeans and others a route off the street during this global health pandemic. 

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